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There were 10 layers of security, including infrared heat detectors, a Doppler radar, magnetic fields, seismic sensors, and a lock with million possible combinations.

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It was called the heist of the century, and even now the police can't properly explain how it was done. The goods were never found, but based on circumstantial evidence, Notarbartolo was sentenced to 10 years, despite claiming he had nothing to do with the crime. He remained silent before finally telling his tale from his prison cell.

Leonardo Notarbartolo Credit: Wired. February 16 , Notarbartolo took the E19 motorway out of Antwerp, racing towards Brussels.

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He hadn't slept in two days. In the passenger seat was a man known only as Speedy. These two had known each other for over 30 years, as school mates and now as partners in crime. Apparently, Speedy was notorious for bottling it on jobs as they came to an end. Others in the gang hadn't wanted him in on this job, yet Notarbartolo stuck by his friend. This job had worked. Speedy had done his part, and to perfection.

There were no alarms, no police, nothing. The men had a fair few hours before the aftermath of their work would be discovered - the guards were due in first thing Monday morning. The other half of the team were en route to Italy, they had the gems. Milan would be the end destination, they'd all meet up and divide out all the stolen items. The last job fell to Notarbartolo and Speedy.

Burn the evidence that was sitting in a garbage bag in the backseat. They pulled off the motorway, in a spot not visible to passers-by. The bag must have ripped, suddenly all the evidence was strewn across the trees and floor. And then they heard someone else. As the security guards arrived on the Monday morning they realised that the thick steel door to the vault was open and of the safe-deposit boxes had been raided - with some of the loot still on the floor.

How the guards found the vault Credit: Wired. The world's only specialised diamond police, Patrick Peys and Agim De Bruycker, phoned the vault's alarm company. This wasn't a simple operation. Unfortunately, it's not the same in this game.

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Now I'm not asking for a safe zone, but rather some defensive mechanic to prevent dirty gameplay. A pirate who shows up shooting up an outpost and stealing, is perfectly able to do so without any drawbacks, there is something wrong with that. As a PvP player, I really think outposts should have NPCs that draw arms and shoot at whoever is killing or attacking another person's ship.

Theft, sinking, and killing, should be mostly done the open waters and islands, not at the outpost. So basically fighting at an outpost will be still possible, but far more difficult and not as beneficial as it is now. When a person reaches an outpost, this should feel more like a safe zone, whereas now it's like a warzone. It can also prevent chases that last for hours where no one benefits, just lost time. After months, the art of the Trickster bug is still unchanged.

The Untold Story of Napoleon Hill, the Greatest Self-Help Scammer of All Time

Hours of playing through this Tall Tale have all led to multiple instances of the same bug. During the final skirmish in the Trickster vault, music is playing but the vault captain will not spawn after both of us. Also, I noticed a mod locked the last discussion of this bug because people continued to update the discussion whenever it would happen to them. The mod said discussing the topic without bringing any new information to the table is against the forum rules.

If the issue isn't being addressed than why would we stop talking about it? This bug is game ruining. Hours of grinding just to be cucked on the last step. Can we fix this please? Ahoy Pirates!

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Enjoy the new Shanty I made! Sea you on the Seas! Hello everyone! All constructive criticism is welcomed. Thank you so much for watching! This is a story of how a four man galleon crew regretted attacking a lone pirate on a sloop. That lone pirate is me So there I was, docked at an outpost, selling me booty, when I saw a galleon fast approaching.

Grace: The untold story

Naturally, being a lone player and not wanting to engage in a fight I was surely going to lose, I greeted them by shouting over that I was friendly and that I didn't want to fight. I was met with the reply "eat lead" followed by several cannon balls crashing into the front of my sloop, which was anchored at the dock. I knew that I couldn't win this fight head on, so I ran on to the island and into the bushes. Slowly, I crept around the island and into the water on the far side. Then, I stealthily swam over to the galleon, making sure to swim as deep as possible until I reached their ladder.

Holding on to the ladder, I checked my supplies. This wasn't looking good.

Tale of Two Thieves: pre-MIPDoc World Premiere Screening trailer

As I was devising a plan I could hear the galleon crew talking. Guy 1: " Ha, that guy in the sloop didn't stand a chance" Guy 2: "I know, let's get our treasure and sell it on the island" I could see one guy standing with his back to my ladder so I knew this was my chance. I climbed on board and charged a heavy attack and stabbed the first guy in the back. Wounded and out of bananas I decided to run below deck, I went to raid their banana stash but it was empty. Fearing the worst I hid on the lowest deck and aimed my pistol at the stairs. No one came down and I could hear them saying that they thought I'd fallen in the water!

I slowly crept up a level and saw the guy reloading his ammo, so I shot him straight in the back. He went straight to Davey Jones. His friend hearing the gun shot came down to investigate, we fought for about 30 seconds, and we all missed our remaining shot but I managed to beat him in a sword fight. Seeing an opportunity I grabbed their captain's chest and jumped into the water, by this time the first guy had respawned and fired two shots into the water, both missing their mark.

I ran over to the gold hoarder and sold the chest! Success, but this wasn't enough I replenished my banana supply in the tavern and hid in a bush, then I saw two of them running around looking for me and a third one, carrying a skull Seeing my target I ran out of the bush and started slashing, panicking, my victim dropped the skull, ran in a circle and then picked it up again, but it was too late, I slew him and then sold the skull for myself.

The other two guys then ran towards me and I managed to lose them on the island. I swam back to their ship to see if they had any more loot, there were two marauders chests and a skull in the captain's cabin, so I grabbed a chest and jumped back into the water. As bullets whizzed past me I ran to the gold hoarder and sold a third piece of loot, kindly donated by them to replace my ship Not wanting to risk anything more, and satisfied with my victory, I swam over to the mermaid, as they were taking shots at me from their ship I plugged my mic in and shouted over to them: "thanks for the treasure, that will teach you to pick on smaller crews".

I was met with a stern "f you, come and fight us", to which I replied: "you lost a 4 vs 1, see ya and thanks again! I then took the mermaid to my relocated ship. And that's my story of how a galleon crew thought they could bully a lone player who was docked at an outpost minding his own business, they paid the price in gold and took a hit to their egos at the same time! Hope you enjoyed this true tale and beware: don't underestimate lone players! I enjoy the pets I really do. However, the constant squawking during combat is too annoying to deal with. Hell, even taking pop shots at skellies from my ship If he is going to live on this ship, he needs to learn to handle gunfire.

Perhaps some sort of cooldown on when your pets scream at alarming things could be in order. Otherwise they can live in the pet chest I guess. I'm not sure if anyone else is having a problem with adding content to their creater crews thing but I keep getting this like error, it keeps saying at the bottom of my screen in red "Invalid Service.

Please view guidelines for valid content services. FYI, I've been trying to do this on my phone, dont know if I need a computer or not, but I dont have one unfortunately. Im curious if anyone else has noticed this or if it is a normal occurrence when doing rag and bone quests.