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Did she hurt herself?

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She wondered if her stepmother had taken ill, yet the shuffling, moving, and other unusual noises continued. Lizzie hurried up the stairs and paused outside the partially opened door. The strange moans coming from the room sent a shiver up her back.

When she pushed the door open wider, all she could do was stare. Abby Durfee Borden stood in front of the bureau mirror clawing at her reflected image.

And what a horrid image it was! Her usually spotless housedress appeared wrinkled and torn.

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Lizzie gazed about the room in alarm. All that blood! What happened here? What happened?

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She gasped, which got the attention of Mrs. Borden, who jerked her head and growled.

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  7. Lizzie choked back a cry of alarm. Her eyes, once bright with interest, stared from under a milky covering as if she had cataracts. She resembled a female version of The Portrait of Dorian Gray. Another growl and a moan, and the older woman lunged, arms rigid, her stubby hands held out like claws. Borden, Abby! Her stepmother shuffled forward, her steps slow but steady. She showed no emotion or sense of recognition.

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    The only utterances she made were those strange low moans. Lizzie moved back even further, trying to keep out of reach of Mrs. Then her foot hit something. Lizzie quickly glanced down at the silver hairbrush that had fallen to the floor. Too late, she realized her error. Borden said nothing and moved in closer. Her mouth opened and closed revealing bloodstained teeth. Instead, Mrs. Borden scratched and clawed at her. The older woman bit and snapped like a rabid dog. Lizzie struggled to fight her off and shoved her away, yet Mrs. The two of them grappled and wrestled, bumping into the bedposts and banging into furniture.

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    Lizzie yelped each time her soft flesh hit something hard. How much more she could endure? Her cries for help came out hoarse and weak. Help me! But if Emma already woke and went downstairs, will she even hear me? Lizzie reeled back in panic as her spine pressed against the fireplace. She pushed and fought in an attempt to keep this monster away, yet Mrs. No, no! Her mind filled with horror, but when her stepmother came at her again, Lizzie whispered a prayer for forgiveness and grabbed the handle. She lifted the hatchet high overhead and swung as hard as she could.

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      I liked this book a lot!! Free on Kindle Unlimited. Also on: Scary Chapter Books for Kids. However, the Chronicles of Nick series is actually a magical, mythical-creatures landscape. But he will. Crazy but true!