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A heart-wrenching, truly unforgettable tale of second chances at love, of two people whose love never died, never even dimmed, even though what was taken from them could never be given back. Ms Carlino has a flair for dreamy, passionate love stories that warm our hearts and feed every romantic bone in our bodies, but this time around, she has given us a true gem, a timeless tale of a never-ending love set against the backdrop of a magical city she captured oh-so perfectly, a tale that I suspect will become a favourite for many.

There are really no words that would ever do justice to a story like this one. An absolute delight to read. I love you now. And it is a story of a man whose birth right gave him all he ever needed in life, but it is the love of a woman like Ivey that made it all worth fighting for. Bring us back together. I believe that. I took your virginity, baby. All you know about pleasure you learned from me. I know how to make it work for you, how to do you right. I know what you like. And how you like it. This is not a book for the prude folk out there — we have a very dominant and rather kinky alpha male in the house who is not afraid to voice his wishes, and every time he opens his mouth, something so mind-blowing comes out of it that you will either blush like a schoolgirl or want to start a fan club.

God has provided you with a sacred duty to keep this family together. You are the only one who can do it. This is all falling into place because it is your destiny to bind the blood once again. It happens every couple of generations.

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This is your time. The best way I can describe the feeling of reading a book such as this would be to say that if Dynasty and Downton Abbey had a baby, this would be it! One of those timeless love stories that shows us how unique true love is, how hard it is to find it, or let go of it, this is a heart-warming, comical at times, sexy, moving, somewhat bittersweet tale of giving love a second chance, but also of parenthood and finding that golden balance between overprotectiveness and letting your child make their own mistakes in life.

I giggled, I swooned, I fought to catch a breath while sobbing like a baby, and I have loved, loved every single moment of it. One of my favourite books of the year, one of my favourite stories ever. This is a story I cannot and never want to forget. I cannot tell you how deeply this story has touched me and how much it still hurts even just recalling some aspects of it. This is a book that drowns you in its heartache as much as it blinds you with it beauty. I swooned, I cringed, I smiled through my tears and I bowed from the pain, and every word of this extraordinary tale is sheer magic.

One of the most beautiful modern fairy-tales I have ever read is the timeless romance between Liv and Danny. This is a story of second chances at love, of true love surviving time, distance, life, a heart-warming tale of friendship and unconditional love, and from the very first page I was hopelessly captivated and unable to step away. This story was everything I seek, need, hope to find in a romance book, and then some.

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A must read. Two best friends, a tale of unrequited love at first, and then nine years later, they meet again and finally get a chance to create something that should have been theirs from the very beginning, this is a heartwarming story of second chances at love, of best friends turning lovers, of people finding a home in one another. This is not just a love story.

This is not even just a timeless love story. This is a story of two best friends, two soul mates, two halves of the same whole, two people whose shared past made them capable of truly loving and giving themselves to only one person in the whole wide world. It is a story about learning to let go of a past that cannot be changed and embracing future in all its unexpected and unpredictable glory.

The woman who occupies my thoughts and my dreams. An unconventional and truly twisted storyline that made my skin tingle from the very first page a pregnant virgin!! The story pulls you in like a rip current and your mind does not know which way is up.

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Nothing prepared me for the way it manipulated my mind, stretching it in such a way that I wholeheartedly adored every convoluted, complicated, messy, borderline crazy part of it. Only you. You have it all! Things just keep getting hotter and more complicated for Alicia Mellor. Hawk reveals a different side to Alicia, but one she knows comes at a price. Secrets and lies abound in the fourth instalment of Lust.

It uses very strong language and imagery and is suitable only for mature audiences.

Rock Me Hard

Missed an instalment? Get them here: 1. Daring The Billionaire 3. Teasing The Billionaire. Excerpt: Hawk leans in further, so that his hot breath pants across the delicate skin of my neck.

My pussy clenches with need at the heat of him, a sexual tension that continues to build each time we meet. My hand shakes where it holds the towel. I could so easily let go, let the material drop to the floor and pull Hawk towards me.

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  4. A week on a boat with him is definitely a bad idea! Play the game. Remember the game. Grab it now at these retailers:. A sexy millionaire rock star. Dylan Lang, Manager of Lang Records, had gone corporate five years ago. The whole lot. No one knew why he had walked away from his successful career. He never did interviews and rarely made public appearances.

    Once an enigmatic rock star, he was now an enigmatic record label owner. His long black locks were trimmed neatly, short back and sides, but fuller on top. To roughen the edges there was hint of stubble, but the earrings were gone, tattoos covered by a crisp suit, and his dark rimmed eyes kohl free.

    Was the old Dylan really gone? Was the rock star hiding behind crisp white shirts and dark suits? She wanted to find out. Excitement coiled in her stomach when she looked at him. There was something about him still. He exuded power and sex. He looked like a beast about to pounce.

    On her.