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Dhillon , Hardcover About this product. About this product Product Information Recognizing that reliable health care requires the correct use of advanced medical technology, this book discusses the importance and interplay of technology, human factors, and quality.

High reliability organizations: The need for a paradigm shift in healthcare culture

The author builds a foundation with a chapter on mathematical concepts for measuring reliability and risk assessment. The book then covers reliability, emphasizing safety and quality, while considering error and failure. It covers medical device safety and maintenance, and human error, human error reporting, and patient safety.

This work contains examples, and reliability and risk models, as well as numerous problems at the end of the chapters to reinforce comprehension.

From Discovery to Design: The Evolution of Human Factors in Healthcare ::

Additional Product Features Dewey Edition. Basic Mathematical Concepts.

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Medical Device Safety and Quality Assurance. It is estimated that checklists went on to reduce safety errors by hundreds of thousands of lives annually in aviation. This was a substantial improvement in safety when compared to the typical failure rates involving human error in other industries.

For instance, the healthcare industry has a 1. While military aviators pioneered the concept of a safety checklist, it was healthcare and other industries that truly benefited from the concept.

The success in reducing sepsis, an often-fatal condition that just over half of Americans have ever even heard of, attracted the attention of Sepsis Alliance. The key findings were that antibiotic time-to-treatment dropped by The costs of infections that increased from delays, as well as the costs of hiring more team members to look at all the checklist tasks to prevent those infections, were reduced, as well.

Reliability Technology, Human Error, and Quality in Health Care - CRC Press Book

As a result, providers must rely more on physicians, nurses, and other individuals in the healthcare system to find and prevent errors. Ironically, part of the reason that safety could be improved in CHRO studies so dramatically, even while spending fewer man-hours and using less medications, is because the checklist invention itself became too successful.

The reason for this is a phenomenon seldom acknowledged or tackled within most organizations called task saturation. Task saturation refers to the innate capacity of the human mind to handle only a finite amount of information at any given moment. Studied extensively by the U. Air Force as a means of reducing fighter jet crashes, task saturation overwhelms the individual saddled with too much to do in too little time, leading to mistakes and delays. It is a common occurrence in many industries, and an acute issue in healthcare where those mistakes and delays can often mean the difference between life and death.

e-book Reliability Technology, Human Error, and Quality in Health Care

The new peer-reviewed study profiled in Patient Safety and Quality Healthcare showed checklist overload tasks decreasing by Air Force, the non-profit High Reliability Organization Council, and Johns Hopkins, and was originally studied as part of a defense project through a branch of the U. The study came at the urging and initiative of Congressional interest in the emerging science behind the project.

To learn more about CHROs and their potential impact in healthcare, visit:.