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Thank you, Lee. I agree. We must step up to the plate and radiate, l love the way that sounds —even if things trend towards a greater good. And this is a great question—and art—how can we take a stand without contributing to future violence, without making unintended karmic waves? But we have to try, to isolate is also against life. This implies that there is some incompleteness in the World which even God must strive to respond to, for which He needs an outside free input, not controlled by Him. I grew up with a clergy father who read the Bible more figuratively than literally, he loved the poetry of it all.

As I small child I once asked him about heaven and hell, I may have been concerned for doing something wrong or just curious.

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I am still curious even now. With great love he look at me and smiled and in his midth century vocabulary tried to explain it as a metaphor, simply, in these words. Heaven is where God is, and Hell is where He is not. In a way, it was a moment of enlightenment, an epiphany even, simply because I knew then an there that he was talking about the heart and mind, and not about a physical place.

I knew it was up to me, more than it was up to God, but that God would always be there waiting, as a divine mystery to discover. I can see evil at work within the world, clearly. I can also see love and great compassion at work within the world too, the gift of the Holy Spirit actively at work within the world.

So, if I were to name that which saves us, as in salvation, I would name it love. Still, at the sometime I can hold onto to these word of both the Buddha and Jesus too, as words of salvation and great grace and compassion, of wisdom too, mixing my metaphors.

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All that we are arises with our thoughts. With our thoughts we make the world. Speak or act with a pure mind And happiness will follow you As your shadow, unbreakable. Peace I leave with you; my peace I give to you. I do not give to you as the world gives. Do not let your hearts be troubled, and do not let them be afraid.

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And God, who searches the heart, knows what is the mind of the Spirit, because the Spirit intercedes for the saints according to the will of God. When I sit in meditation, I think of both the peace of the Buddha and the peace of Christ. There is an indwelling of them both taking place within me, dwelling within me, at work within. God in action, God as a Verb working from the inside out. I feel this in the celebration of the Eucharist as well, that real presence of Christ touching me at the hidden levels of the soul-self.

There is also an acceptance at work here too, a personal acceptance, a knowing, that God loves me and that I am on a path that leads to a deeper understanding of this mystery. We all are, we travel this path together, we dwell within one another.

That in-dwelling makes our heaven or hell, allows us, or empowers us in making our moral choices to do good or not. The phrases from Buddha and Jesus are apt as well, that who we are and how we act grow out of the essence of our inner being. It truly is what lights our path. She shuffled to the end of the cage farthest away from him, letting out a frightful whimper. The auctioneer gave him a unsure look, watching the man place the cage back on the table. Both the child and the auctioneer watched as the man opened the cage door and reach inside with one hand.

To Jenn, she fully expected him to roughly snatch her up and she felt the sting of tears building up again, unsure if her poor body could handle being squeezed and nearly crushed again. This man's hand was also bigger, with long fingers and a slightly unnerving silver ring on. She didn't try to escape though and just tried to brace herself as his fingers curled around her, pleading quietly to any God or lord or whatever that some form of mercy was shown upon her.

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However, much to her He lifted her up and then out of the cage, tucking his money clip back into his coat before closing the cage. As he said this, his other hand's pointer finger gently brushed against her black and blue arms, it being the only part not covered in clothing but he imagined it was all over her probably. Jenn whimpered again, shifting away from his touch out of fear, while hugging her knees to her chest. She didn't say anything, heck she couldn't, but it didn't seem to anger the male any, if nothing else he almost seemed to expect it.

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He turned his focus back to the auctioneer, before speaking again. At that big dark eyes gazed at her again, seeming to be trying to judge something based on looking at her, before he turned back to the auctioneer. Like with that hard metal money clip? Oh no However instead of being stuffed in his inside coat pocket, she was lifted up to the small pocket on his chest, where his handkerchief was. She didn't want to upset him and the idea didn't seem too bad, so she slid down feet first into the fabric pouch, keeping her head above the lip but the rest of her curled up in the base.

There was a deep, content sound rumbling behind her as the man seemed to hum in approval. No need for such barbaric measures. See you soon, Stanley. Jenn wasn't sure what to think about all of this, he still terrified her but he had been gentle and kind to her, more kind than any other human before.

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His breast pocket was warm and soft, she could smell his cologne but it wasn't unpleasant, his clothes smelled freshly cleaned and nice as well. But she couldn't shake that something was seriously off with the man, she couldn't help but get the feeling the other shoe has yet to drop, so to speak. There had to be a catch She didn't see any shed fur on his suit but that didn't mean anything for sure. He didn't seem like a cat person though, it required a certain amount of willingness for your stuff to be knocked over, scratched up and have a litterbox in your home.

He seemed too With her thoughts distracting her so much, she didn't notice they were so close to the exit door until the man opened it and stepped outside into the cool night air. She watched him reach into his inside coat pocket and pull out a sound recorder, which after hitting the play button, replayed all discussion of the transaction.

Jenn was confused She watched him put it away and instead pulled out his phone, which she was able to see the screen of. He made a text to a contact called 'The Detective' and typed out some words. Once he was done and hit send, she was able to see them clearly, though they were simple. And better yet, where was he going to leave her in the meantime? If he left her at his home, she could perhaps escape if she had a mind to, which was quite tempting. But if he brought her with him then it may not be so easy, or wise, to escape. Leaping from his pocket to the ground would be a fall she couldn't survive, so that wasn't an option She was also never a really good climber, especially down, so he'd probably catch her off of him before she made it.

She snapped out of her thoughts again when they started moving, the man, well Mr Morningstar as the auctioneer called him, was walking to a rather small black car with no roof. She tried to recall what humans called this but she couldn't quite find the word and she certainly was too shy to ask him. He stepped up to the driver side of the car and opened the door, stepping down into the seat and closing the car door behind him. It was minorly comical to see the top of his head was a tiny bit above the windshield, which may explain why the top was down He was too big to properly fit otherwise unless he slouched and he seemed far too prideful to do that.

It was a little intimidating to have his attention on her again but she mustered up an answer the best she could, not wanting him to think she couldn't talk. It still earned her a playful grin from the male, something she said seeming to amuse him. With a turn and a few ticks from the starter, the engine came alive, which was a bit loud for her so she ducked into his pocket entirely and covered her ears.

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