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The second sizzling segment in the erotic serial… More. Shelve The Morning After.

Ruling Clarifies That Some White-Collar Felons Can Possess A Firearm

Book 3. Perfect Storm by Opal Carew. The third sizzling segment in the erotic serial H… More. Shelve Perfect Storm.

Book 4. True Lies by Opal Carew. When Jessica invited Dane back to her bed for one… More.

Ruling Clarifies That Some White-Collar Felons Can Possess A Firearm

Shelve True Lies. Book 5. Entangled by Opal Carew.


The fifth sizzling segment in the erotic serial H… More. Shelve Entangled. It is very hard to choose what was the worst part; the writing , the performance of the narrator, the plot theme, or all of the above. I think I would have to go with all of the above. I kept flipping between laughing and groaning and not in a good way during the sex scenes.

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The book had a lot of potential. It just seemed to me that the author was trying to hard. Needless to say, I will be asking for my credit back. What could Opal Carew have done to make this a more enjoyable book for you? She needs to let a story sit for a few weeks and then go back and edit the parts that don't flow or feel forced. Who would you have cast as narrator instead of Mackenzie Hart? Someone less breathy. I couldn't finish it. That should say it all.

I couldn't wait to get started on this book and it truly had me hooked. A broken-hearted girl has her first one night stand with, of course, a handsome rich stranger who happens to look a lot like her ex. With a new town, new job and a great new friend who is also her co-worker and roommate things are really looking up for Jessica. She even starts a relation ship with her new boss.

The sex scenes are pretty intense. So since things are coming together for Jessica of course her ex Storm, would come back into her life. Now an interesting triangle starts up. Jessica is truly torn between the 2 and you feel for her since both men are amazing in there own way and who have much more in common than you know.

When the three of them are forced to face the true while one guy walks in on Jess and the other guy you finally get some good dialogue there.

But when on chapter 13 Jess goes to her boss's place for a talk, she ends up putting on some kind of harness getup with leather straps. And if that weren't enough the second guy walks in in order for them to have a threesome. Totally didn't see that coming. But what made it worse was the second time the threesome takes place which was after Jessica accepts engagement ring from one of the guys. I truly believe that whole threesome was unnecessary.

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The story didn't need it. It had me hooked at least until that tasteless craziness took place.

If they were having fun maybe. But the two men where in love with Jessica and were waiting for her to choose. Please log in first.

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