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Babycakes has their instruction manual, with recipes, available on their website. I am very excited that they have a brand new cookbook of cake pop recipes with cake pop recipes. I can not wait to try them. My take is that if you are going to use the machine, use one of their recipes. The included instruction manual includes some great recipes and they also offer recipes on their website.

The Babycakes recipes seem to produce a much thicker batter, which certainly makes it easier to fill the wells of the machine. I tried this with a cake mix and it was not fun, the cake mix was just too runny. I also saw a suggestion in the Babycakes Tips section where a reader said she used a Pancake Pen for her batter — which sounds like an excellent idea that I might have to try. If you want to stick to a mix, Babycakes does sell mixes specifically made for the Cake Pop Maker. If you want to use a store bought mix, I recommend cutting back on the amount of liquid in the recipe.

I would also recommend adding a bit more baking powder to the mix, even if just half a teaspoon. The Babycakes Tips page really has some great advice from readers, and this thread has some great info on using a regular cake mix in your cake pop machine.

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She appears to be using one of the Pancake Pens to dispense her batter. I also found a demo video on AllRecipes. It also makes some delicious donut holes. There are other cake pop makers and pans, such as the Bake Pop Pan. Babycakes Cake Pops on the Wilton Forums. Make sure to check out this post for tips, advice, idea and resources for dipping and decorating your cake pops and thoughts on some common cake pop challenges such as getting the chocolate smooth, preventing the chocolate from cracking and getting the cake pops to stay on their sticks.

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Step 2: How to Make Cake Balls

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Cake Pops: 50 Fun Recipe Ideas You Can make in the Kitchen

Hey there! What a fantastic post!! I have a babycakes maker, too! The cake mix method works, but not as good as their recipes. Your website is such a wonderful inspiration. So thanks, for the inspiration. With that said, I love my Baby Cakes pop maker. Woo hoo! You have to try Brownies I used the Duncan Hines box mix with miniature peanut butter cups but they have others or you could make your own of course. But they are delicious even without icing. Super quick treat. I use a regular cake mix every time and fill my wells using a small cookie scoop.

Ah — here, on the Babycakes site! It will make it a perfect ball. I love making cake pops, and I use a regular cake mix every time. The thing that I do to make sure the pops come out round every time is I fill the wells in the top half of the machine this requires laying it with that side down until they are heaping.

Then I close the bottom half onto the top until it locks down and then I can easily rotate the machine back to bottom side down. I usually rotate side to side to give even coating of batter there as well. Since I started doing that, I have never had a problem with the pops not coming out round!

I love your pops and I think they are gorgeous! Im all new to making baking treats and my oven is actually broke. Im so glad I came across your website on my search for a cake pop machine! Your blog made me decide to go ahead n order the babycakes cake pop maker and im loving all the tips and tricks you are sharing!

Hi, I was just wondering if anyone has tried the crumble method to make cake pops instead of the babycakes maker. Which one tastes better? I have been using the babycake make with boxed mix and I find them not as moist and they get a little overpowered by my candy melts. I am looking at getting one of these cake pop makers if anyone can help thanks in advance. I got mine back in March for my bday and just now pulled it out, the batch was very easy it was the icing part that was hard.

Cake Pops: 50 Fun Recipe Ideas You Can make in the Kitchen • Cool Crafts

But me and my kids had a great time. It was easy to clean as well. Was just wondering if I could make profiteroles in one. Got a Croquembouche to make and it would make it a lot easier — do you think it would work? Good luck! Hello everyone!!!

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I need helpp!!!!! Obviosly, I dip the sticks into the candy melts, but when I dip the balls they tend to gel loose!!!! What can I do?????? Any advice…..????? Freeze the cake balls for minutes first. Dip the sticks into a bit of melted candy before inserting into the cake ball.

Firstly, I love my cake pop machine, quick and works like a charm. Get used to working fast and piping your batter is a plus.

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To get the pops to stay on stick and to really hold icing quickly, I make my cake balls ahead, freeze them for a while. These are perfect for a movie night, or even a cinema-themed party. This bear almost looks too cute to bite into, but who can resist a shiny chocolate coating like that? Diethood has this wonderful and mouth-watering recipe. These burger cake pops by Heavenly Cake Pops combine our love of sweet and savory foods to create the ultimate party show-stopper.

Check out the tutorial to see how you can recreate them! Nutella cake pops? Yes please! These delicious treats from How Does She are sure to satisfy every sweet tooth. These red velvet cheesecake pops by Life, Love and Sugar will surprise you with their soft, red center!

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