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Taylor J. Crane John Bredemus John D. Top ranking. Flag rating. Min user rating:.

Show courses with exceptional:. Flag Rating A-Z Most popular. Royal Porthcawl. Add your review My rating. Pennard Golf Club. Aberdovey Golf Club. Conwy Golf Club. Llandrindod Wells. Royal St David's. The following excerpt is taken from the club's web site.

David's Golf Club. The y Southerndown Golf Club.

Ashburnham Golf Club. We meet far more locals this way. Sharing a van cuts costs dramatically. Cons: Driving at night. Making sure someone is always sober. Being responsible for gas, keys, damage.

My Favorite Links

Pros: Everything is done for you except swinging the club. Lots of friends. The finest accommodations, most famous courses. Cons: Lots of friends! You want to linger for photos or conversation, but the bus is leaving. Group think. Still expensive. Regardless of the season, pack a waterproof golf jacket and pants, bucket hat and ski cap, two pairs of golf shoes for when one gets soaked , sturdy socks, collared golf shirts some clubs still think the uncollared shirt promotes sloth and drunkenness , rain and winter gloves if you wish , and then have a good laugh when you hit a patch of dry blue skies.

We also like large zip-lock plastic bags to rainproof our scorecards, spare socks, cameras and such. Perhaps the most candid and creative of all the golf guidebooks. Check out their Web site, too. E-mail him at Selcraig swbell. Four-star quality at three-star prices. Ailsa Golf Course Turnberry Strathclyde. Andrews Old Course". Show Caption. By Bruce Selcraig. Do you know these golfers? The fairways and greens are well trafficked enough to present a fast surface without becoming compacted. But if a good player hits way off line past where the average player will normally go, he will find himself in very thick grass with a difficult shot, if he finds it at all.

Most of the links courses in the UK are greener and softer and more manicured than when I first saw them 25 years ago, not just because they are now catering to overseas visitors, but because the turf has to be maintained differently to suffer all the traffic.

Machrihanish has not changed one bit, and I hope it never does. Not all links courses are fortunate enough to have 18 holes among the dunes — for many links, there is not enough acreage of the right stuff, and the course must include several holes on less than ideal ground.

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Dornoch, the boyhood home of Donald Ross, is one of the few Scottish links to turn the situation to their advantage. All coastal links must deal with issues of wind and water erosion, but the most threatened of them today is the eighteen holes of Royal West Norfolk Golf Club, built on a narrow strip of dunes two hours north-east of London. The higher tides along this coastline surround the golf course, so that the access road from the town of Brancaster across the marsh is cut off for three hours at a time during high tide … conveniently, just long enough to play eighteen holes.

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The other theme of the course is wind erosion, which is so strong that nearly all the bunkers of any size are banked up with railroad ties to prevent the sand from overtaking the greens — so that the whole course looks like it was built by a demented uncle of Pete Dye. Sadly, if sea levels continue their slow rise, Brancaster will probably be the first great links to be lost back to the sea, and any who have played it will mourn its loss.

It was General Moncrieffe of St. Andrews, upon visiting the town of Westward Ho!

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First-time visitors to the first tee of the Royal North Devon Golf Club may struggle to see what the general had in mind. The ground near the clubhouse is the flattest stretch of linksland possible, and the dunes along the shore scarcely seem tall enough on a windy day to keep the Atlantic from pouring in and flooding the course. Yet with a minimum of bunkers and a four-hole intervention by the spiky Great Sea Rushes at the start of the back nine, Westward Ho! There are lots of links set among large sand hills, but none more dramatic than Ballybunion, where you play along a sandy bluff falling into the ocean and then up narrow valleys between the towering dunes.

County Down is unquestionably the most scenic golf course in the world -- even though frequently the golfer cannot see where he is going, thanks to several blind tee shots.

How to play Links Golf

On the outward holes you play toward monstrous dunes at the far end of the course, then at the fourth tee you turn back to admire a picture-postcard view of the beach and town, gorse-covered dunes which bloom bright yellow in the spring, the spire of the Slieve Donard Hotel behind the clubhouse, and the Mountains of Mourne just beyond. The front nine is closer to the sea and often cited as perhaps the best front nine holes in the world of golf; naturally, the finishing holes struggle a bit to hold up this level of quality. One of the best-kept secrets in golf is that continental Europe also has its share of fine links courses.

Kennemer, in a setting reminiscent of Shinnecock Hills close to the North Sea in the suburbs of Amsterdam, has perhaps the finest pedigree. The original 18 holes were laid out by Harry Colt and his partner John Morrison, so its greens and bunkers are more thoughtful than many of the older UK links. Yet, there is much argument whether Kennemer or Haagsche or Noordwijk is preeminent of the links on the Dutch coast, and I have heard that Royal Zoute just across into Belgium may be even better.


But alas!